Welcome to Jeff Lindgren Fine Art
Home to my original art creations to beautify home and office.

What I Do

I create hand painted, original oil on canvas art inspired by nature and Zen themes, using pristine quality "Old Holland" oils exclusively.
I hand pick all materials, including custom framing to maximize durability and beauty.


My Work

Oil paintings are featured below. Click on the image to expand and obtain size and pricing information.


2017 Schedule

  • June 3rd & 4th
Fairport Canal Days
  • June 10th & 11th
Allentown Art Festival
  • July 29th & 30th
Waterfront Art Festival Web.
  • Aug 12th & 13th
Lewiston Art Festival
  • Aug 19th & 20th
Sonnenberg Art Festival
  • Sept 9th & 10th
Clothesline Art Festival
  • Sept 23rd & 24th


Say Hello.

You can reach Jeff by E-Mail or by calling 585-347-4132.